books vs. instant fixes

Juggling tools of learning

As we live in a fast moving world, everyone is always in a hurry to get places. For us the more a certain option can provide the least amount of effort the better.

Innovations like fast food ,ready to eat foods and technological advances we have at this point in time proves today’s generation instant culture. It seems that everything can be obtain in just a snap.

Status  quo  shows that we are the ones who upon coming watches TV.Thus, we can’t deny the fact that we are all hooked with the novelty of mass media and all forms of instant fixes like the internet.

With vast and instant features of the boundless web most of us would rather surf the net than read a lengthy novel. Thus, reading a book which is a vital habit is usually taken for-granted since Mr. Google can answer anything and everything under the sun in just one click.

Clearly, instant fixes outweighs the the value of books and overshadows the appeal reading. Thus, the quickness of of the internet does not help to promote one’s enthusiasm to reading already  ruined our ability to spell properly,reading can help us relearn it again.

simply alluring

In life women has many facets.They balance various roles that may have simply fallen on their laps via twist of fate as well as those they have chosen with great determination and defied their boundaries.

One way to empower these women is through beauty pageants.However, in some circumstances beaty pageants are satire that’s why ohters argue that its not a good women empowerment.

First level of analysis is the fact that via these beauty pageants women are given recognition based only on beauty, charisma,  poise and glamour.

Clearly, beauty title holder aspirants have gone through various screening process to showcase their physical attributes which only goes to show that what’s onthe outside matters more than anything else to well deserve to take home the crown as their recognition.

If we try to look at it on a deeper level we can say that it fails to empower women.It does not even reflect the real world letting these women to found their voice and their true selves.

However, lets try to butter the bread with both sides.Beyond these women’s outstanding physical attributes,charming personality,explicict grace  beauty pageants radiates the magnificent aura and image of women.

Plus, they were also given a chance to show their intellect by responding brilliant in the question and answer portion that gaves us even greater reason to respect and admire them.

Therefore, we can say that the idea that women are gentle yet strong willed, confident yet compassionate and feminine yet able to hold her own company of men are mutually exclusive in both paradigms.

baby talk

Reproductive health bill is still one of the most talked about and debatable issues in the status quo.In fact,  debaters spar to promote awareness about the billon the motion that THBT the church shuold support the reproductive health bill.

Government side argued that the bill is the real solution to overpopulation.They say that eventhough the church is supporting the reproductive health bill many people are gatting pregnant anyway.They also added, the bill allows individuals to productively make choices to be able to understand whats best for their family.

They further argue that the church can change its teaching in order to adapt to the particular social needs and the preferences of this contemporary time.Thus , it would be detrimental for the church to oppose the bill because it would deprive people from making choices.They say that the  church should accomodate the bill in their teachings and this is something that they should do as a moral institutuion.

Opposition side highlited the clash of tradition and the current needs.They argued that the church shuold remain consistent with its teachings and to support he bill is fundamentaly irreconcillabewith its teachings.They further argued that rtadition is importantand it must be taken into consideration in this particular point.They also stressed the separation of the church and state.Thus, the state can pass a bill but it does not neccesary that the church shuold be inconsistent ue to popular causes.They concluded that the church survive in the past on its teaching why wold it be different today ?

-Arguments taken from the The Guidon and ADS members.

exploring the net on both sides

Recently, we have a debate  on the motion that This house believes that social networking sites is harmful for the youth .It was indeed a thought provoking debate that was able to explain both sides of the issuesince online communities seem to have  a cool fad in today’s generation.

These sites hook millions of people and now it is a haven for online fanatics yet becoming so engrossed to this sites is like part of the system waiting to be exorcised.

Let’s try to look at it on two levels since these sites meant something beyond. Some consider it as a balderdash because for them its a waste of time, money and energy to let some portions of their lives live online. Others clashed the idea by saying that just by doing doing stuff online can a coping mechanism to face their everyday circumstances.

First level of analysis,is the fact that we may find ourselves restrained by geographybut by the internet ,we can see and explore the world regardless of boundaries. On the second level lets  say you may change your facebook status so fast yet things seen and done can be quite deceiving.Plus engaging in areal friendship is much better than by just adding your so called friends on the net.

Thus, the bottomline here is quite simple social networking sites can helpful and detrimental depending upon the intention of the user.In some websites, people may blog anything under the sun.With these sites they can voice  out their perspectives and concerns which maybe of great impact.It allows the users to view the world with different angles and perpectives.

take a closer look

debating is fun

Debating is fun.=)

Most people assume that debate is only useful to those who will take up the study of law as a profession. Thus, they say that it is a waste of time and energy for ordinary people to study, understand, and appreciate debating. However, the clash here is quite simple. Debating is not only reserved for the intellectuals and the nerds nor lawyers or politicians. Its principles should not only be left to those who are studying to become lawyers and jurists. In fact, debating is for everyone since no one is free from the necessity of defending his beliefs or influence others to reject or modify it. Debate is necessary for all who would like to communicate their ideas with clearness and logical cogency. It is an avenue to succeed in influencing others to accept his or her stand and point of view on various matters that make sense at the end of the day. It trains a speaker in quick and accurate thinking because debate develops in them the initiative to rise their positions of leadership by arguing debatable topics. Thus, debating does not only improve ones critical thinking and analysis nor one’s communication and skills but more importantly it brings relevant questions to young minds. In view of this, debate is not just a mere verbal wrangling nor sport or contest but a fundamental and universal art of life.

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Some says that debate is vital because it is an intellectual activity or perhaps a mental game.”It opens up and challenges current perspectives , encourages critical thinking .It also create discussions that could lead better nation building .” Stephanie Co, PSDC convenor quoted.

There are always various reasons why people debate.Some do it because they like speaking their minds and enjoy the thrill of debate. Others like it because of the opportunity to travel or to meet cute boys (girls) or to learn how to speak confidently in front of people.My personal reason why I debate is quite simple .I debate because I am  very interested in discourse and debate is an avenue for to talk about vital matters in the status quo . Thus , it is an effective  paradigm for people to listen to me.Hope you also recognize the role of debate in your life.

Speech’s Building Block

Many  ideas and images may flicker in your mind when we talk about clash.I assume that you are thinking of arguments, debate and stance that may be in an informal or formal manner. Wayback in my childhood days,I remember how I used to argue with my mother regarding the issue of veggies.She always justify that eating veggies is good for me but I used to clash her stance.

As I trudge the road to maturity, I have been to exposed higher level of clashing ideas.It was not just about the issue of veggies.Its an arena of discourse ranging from different issues.Justifying better paradigm and weighing things out.This is the culture of debate. It’s all about clashing ideas .It is not only intended for law students and politicians but for common people of different walks of life as well.

Let us concede to the fact that we can’t deny debate’s extent of existence in our lives. With this I  say  that debate addresses the heart of  English because it covers its fundamental concepts namely reading,writing,listening and speaking skills.Debate is also  a good mental exercise that inculcates critical thinking and analysis that brings relevant questions to young minds.

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